• WAXSOL Ear Drops

    WAXSOL is a water based solution which helps soften and remove ear wax

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  • Let's Be Clear:

    there's a real need for WAXSOL

    Ear Wax Build Up
  • Clearing ears is simple:

    WAXSOL works while you sleep, giving you fast results..... just 2 doses over 2 nights

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Symptoms of EXCESSIVE Ear WAX

Is your ear blocked? See the symptoms of excessive ear wax here.

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Frequently asked questions

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How to Use Waxsol

Do you know how to use WAXSOL? See the simple instructions here for optimal benefits.

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A music free commute?

Is your commute damaging your hearing?

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7 things that can cause tinnitus

Imagine experiencing constant whistling, buzzing or ringing in the ears? Even the simplest things in life like sleep or having a conversation with the person next to you would be a challenge.

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Technologies toll on hearing

With today’s technology music has become a major part of our culture and everyday life. Music is a form of expression, a trend, an obsession but can also be a threat to our hearing.

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10 facts about ear wax that will surprise you

Today when people see the slightest hint of ear wax they grab a cotton tip and begin digging out the gold. Little do they realise ear wax protects your ears, and essentially your hearing.

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A guide on ear wax blockage

Our ears have been there for us our whole lives. That’s why we need to look after them and protect them

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